Reese Punter Signs With SportStar Relocation

December 9, 2018, Author: CT Harvey

SportStar Relocation Is Now In Sacramento, California. Full Service Relocation Luxury Homes Investment Properties Commercial Real Estate

SportStar Relocation Enlists Reese Punter To Head Sacramento Luxury Real Estate Division

Reese Punter has been serving his community with real estate related services since the 90’s. Early in career, he chose to align himself with fortune 500 companies rising through the ranks of Bank of America and Morgan Stanley before exploding on to the scene as a Realtor in the greater Sacramento area. During a tough late 2000’s housing market, Reese was able to reinvent himself by co-founding a start up real estate law firm that enabled short sale owners to acquire both legal and tax advice prior selling at no cost to the homeowner. This drew much attention rewarding him with praise from peers, his community and business partners. Since then, Reese has gone on to represent professional athletes relocate, hosting his own local radio sports and real estate show, and building a brand that has earned him the name “Realtor Reese”.


Reese has been featured in magazines, web articles, blogs and has appeared numerous times on local television conveying his love for real estate while showcasing some of the valleys most premiere homes. Reese continues to develop his brand while earning the trust of athletes, corporate executives, celebrities and anyone looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate. Realtor Reese continues to reinvent himself as the ever-changing market coupled with advanced technology makes for new ways to conduct the business of selling homes. Staying ahead of market trends, technology and the competition is what makes Realtor Reese stand out from the rest. That,… and his ability to sell what others couldn’t keep Reese relevant and competitors scratching their heads.

Luxury Homes in
Sacramento, California


“Reese Punter delivers a world class service to his clients across all price points. His brand and reputation blend perfectly into SportStar Relocation’s core values. Our partnership and combined efforts is going to deliver a platinum service to the Sacramento area real estate market.”

-Ed Kaminsky

President of SportStar Relocation




“I am proud to serve my community, clients and business partners while continuing to learn and grow in this business”, says Reese. “Sport Star Relocation allows for me to expand my services and resources while clients enjoy the concierge experience”.  Reese plans to continue to strengthen his place in the real estate industry providing clients a true experience and servicing them with honesty, integrity and expectation management. Now You See It,…Now It’s Sold is not just a tagline but often a reality in his make a way out of no way approach. Clients appreciate his relentless approach to selling homes and if given the chance, I’m sure you will too.

Reese Punter

RE Adviser | Sacramento, CA

-Sacramento Area Rep

-eXp Realty

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