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After an unprecedented shift in circumstances, athletes or those looking to sell to athletes, are often left to their own devices when it comes to selling their home and moving a new city. SportStar Relocation works diligently to sell your home as quickly as possible leading up to a move in order to make for an easier transition and a clear mind when arriving in your new city in search of a new home or athlete home. This process is made easier by the unique service offered by SSR, whereby we market your home to teams and athletes within the same industry, to ensure a faster move with fewer worries.

When selecting an SSR real estate agent you are getting the best in the business. SSR agents have gone through an extremely strict screening process to determine their experience level, knowledge of understanding athletes’ needs, adherence to strict SSR confidentiality policy and are willing to provide white glove service. Less than 100 agents nationwide have earned this Official SSR Designation out of more than 1 million agents across the country.

  • Client Confidentiality Priority #1
  • Marketing experts – SSR agents find buyers for your home faster…
  • Ability to market your property to all incoming professional athletes
  • Athlete Experience
  • Experienced in Athlete Communities
  • Exclusive access to other professional athletes coming into the market
  • Access to all local locker rooms and front offices to promote your property
  • Experienced Negotiators
  • Full Relocation Services
  • Ability to work with your Financial Advisor and/or Management Team
  • Market knowledge and sound advice on how to take advantage of current market conditions even if that means not purchasing a home at the current time
  • Experienced in making sure entire family are very taken care of during the process
  • Your home with “athlete appeal” will be featured in The Lineup, SSR’s digital newsletter sent to an exclusive list of athletes, agents, team representatives, and financial advisors.


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