Relocation Services



SportStar Relocation is dedicated to handling every aspect of your relocation process efficiently so you can concentrate on your profession and new surroundings.

Whether it’s Private Jet Service, moving your precious household belongings, or a simple car transport – SportStar Relocation can handle all personal service requests in all 50 states, plus Canada, no matter what the size. Our mission is to ensure every client transitions smoothly from city to city.

From the moment we get the call to the moment we give you the keys, our Platinum-Level Services and Real Estate savvy reinforce why we’re the #1 relocation company being talked about in locker rooms and front offices across the country.


SportStar Relocation provides several options to move household goods from one city to another safely and efficiently, all the while offering the most competitive pricing in the industry.Close

household goods

SportStar Relocation can arrange to have a specialized crew professionally pack and unpack your belongings before and after their transportation to your new home. These expert crews make sure to safely arrange your items for transportation, so as to avoid any damages or losses in transit.Close

packing services

Over SportStar Relocation’s years of operation, we have fostered relationships with some of the most efficient car transport companies in the industry.Close

car transportation

SportStar Relocation has access to a nationwide network of private auto brokers ready to service individual clients to help find the best deal on vehicles for purchase or lease.Close

car buying,leasing and rental

Often overlooked, SportStar Relocation keeps an expert team on call to arrange for pet transportation for a safe arrival to your new home.Close

pet transportation

SportStar Relocation arranges for clients to store goods in short or long-term storage facilities.Close


SportStar Relocation understands the importance of placing your children in the right educational setting. We have experts in each major sports market ready to work with the families to find the perfect fit for school in a new city.Close

Educational Consultants

SportStar Relocation and each individual Local Area Representative have access to a plethera of more specialized services ranging from personal trainers, chef services, interior designers, contractors, security, etc.Close

concierge services

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