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SSR Charity Program

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Charitable Foundation Program

SportStar Relocation, the leader in the professional athlete real estate and relocation industry, is announcing a ground breaking new program aimed at supporting the various charitable foundations of our athletes and their professional sports team

All clients of SportStar Relocation (professional athlete, coach, front office personnel, celebrity or local sports fan), who sell or purchase their real estate through SportStar Relocation, have the ability to make a 7 % charitable contribution to their player’s foundation of choice, from the proceeds generated by their real estate transaction.*

In addition, SportStar Relocation will also support our professional sports team partners by making a 3 % donation to the player’s franchise and/or the franchise’s foundation partner of choice.

SSR Real Estate Transaction
7% Charitable Contribution to Player’s Foundation
+ 3% Charitable Contribution to Franchise
= 10% Total Charitable Contribution**

“Our exclusive charitable foundation program allows SportStar Relocation to give back to the various athletes, coaches, and sports teams that have supported us during the last 4 years. The timing of this program couldn’t be better. We find so many worthy causes and foundations in need of monetary support. We are excited to be able to make substantial contributions in order to support the outstanding work these foundations do on an annual basis.”

–Ed Kaminsky, President SportStar Relocation

In order to outline the true impact of this program on various Charitable Foundations across the country, please refer to the following example transaction and its contribution totals below:

Example transaction based on a $2,000,000 real estate sale or purchase:

Property Purchase price: $2,000,000
SSR Commission earned: $21,000*
Total charitable contribution (10%): $2,100
Team contribution (3%): $630.00
Contribution to player’s charity (7%): $1,470

Fans Can Participate Too!

An important element to this unique program is that it allows for today’s sports fans to actually support and give back to their favorite professional athlete and team. Whether it’s their local player/team of choice, or the market of their youth, the average sports fan can benefit from the services provided by real estate company the pro’s use, while simultaneously supporting their favorite player’s/team’s charity.

This fantastic program will directly support player’s charitable foundations and local sports teams.

*Percentages above are a reflection of the total % of commissions received by SportStar Relocation. Percentages are bases on commissions earned on a given real estate transaction, after referral fees are paid out to participating SportStar Relocation Real Estate agents, who have earned said referral.
**Each player and/or franchise is responsible for verifying with their tax advisor the best method to receive a charitable donation and to advise SportStar Relocation to that effect.
***Figure may be lower based on local real estate agent’s split with local Broker

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